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“A Rupert’s (re) view – A personal experience of RotR.
In excess of 200 motorcyclists, aboard a myriad of different machines, gather in the beautiful West Sussex countryside for a tasty, but somewhat unusual breakfast of cheese on toast.
The Ruperts dress in their finery to mark such a notable event, and tweeds, waistcoats, cheesecutter caps, cravates and goggles abound.
The atmosphere is convivial, a great camaraderie evident, and an air of excitement hovers for the ride to come.
The event is much about fun and enjoyment, being part of something good and worthwhile.

It is so much more than that though. It’s core raison d’etre being to raise funds for Whizz Kidz, a charity that provides wheelchairs and mobility aids to disadvantaged younger people.
Following a pep talk from RotR supremo Stefano Morelli, and an address by a Whizz Kidz representative, a Rupert cannot fail to feel proud of their personal contribution.
The ride wings it’s way across West Sussex into East Sussex and Kent, ultimately arriving to it’s final destination which can vary from year to year, but which will always offer food, drink and live music, ensuring that the buzzing atmosphere continues long after the route is completed
Professional photography and drone type video recording ensure all Ruperts can revisit their day and the memory of it remains.

If you enjoy riding bikes through the countryside, meeting nice people, being part of a common cause, and cheese on toast ! (other options available) then you absolutely must take part in this event.
The most important point to make is this….RotR raised in excess of ¬£20000 during 2022 for Whizz Kidz, a collective effort and every single participant as important as the next.”

Damon Sargent 

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“Excellent day fine company and stunning machines what could be better”

Pat Weeks

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“Great fun! Fantastic people and a well organised, enjoyable ride at a great pace! Custom cafe was a great destination as well”

Tina Paterson

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“Great day out. Very pleasant company. Raises money for charity”

Dave Thompson

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“Brilliantly organised charity run with fantastic bikes, great people and a collective wardrobe to die for. Roll on next year”

Paul Taylor

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“Great day. Well organised looking forward to next year now. Thank you to everyone involved”

Philip Ellwood

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“What an amazing day! A fantastic run through some great towns and countryside. Wonderfully organised”

Paula Barratt-Pow

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“What a brilliant day! Well organised, great people and great fun!”

Lucy Pitts

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