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This message is important and for you personally.

 You are probably aware that a new set of data protection regulations for the UK and EU member countries come into effect on May 25th 2018.

Please note that I am the event organiser for Ride of the Ruperts (Sussex, London and Rupettes), a Non Profit Organisation. The event and proceeds from all off line sales of stickers and badges is to raise money for the Whizz Kidz charity.

So what exactly is personal data?

 Personal data is any data (text, audio or video) from which someone may be able to identify the data owner.

i.e. names, addresses, facial pictures and email address (if they refer to the email owner) etc.

Firstly let me cover what personal data is stored.

There are three areas of personal data stored.

1. Login credentials for products (only if requested)

2. Email system

 for communication for Ride of the Ruperts event and sale of related T-Shirts, Pins and Stickers. I DO NOT use your personal  information for any other purpose.

Please note that only email addresses that refer to the owner are personal data.

i.e. would be personal data would probably not be considered personal data as you could not directly identify the owner from the name.

Where is this data stored?

  In all case these are located in the UK / USA servers and my personal computer – these third party services are all adhering to the GDPR regulations

What you need to know and what you can do.

You have a number of options open to you. I will be acting as the Data Protection Officer so you can contact me with any of the following requests.

1. You can request a copy of all the personal data I hold on you.
2. You can ask me to edit or remove any or all of that data.
3. You can unsubscribe from the marketing email list by using the unsubscribe link in any e-mail.
4. You can contact me if you have any concerns or questions.


You can contact me directly via email at

You can also “reply” to any email sent to you.

When you do contact me please ensure you clearly state your requirements. i.e. one of 1 to 4 above and any additional information that will help me meet your requirements.

Please include “DATA PROTECTION REQUEST” in the email subject line or in the email request.


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